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    Hi! I am Mary-Evelyn Starnes and you have found my photography blog. I keep busy trying to do a good job as mother, wife, homemaker, cpa and portrait photographer. Hobbies like gardening, cooking, reading and following football fill in the little time that’s left. Still, there’s a part of me that’s just me and that part doesn’t want to be squeezed out by my over-filled schedule. That part loves Wonder Woman, cheese, commercials with chimpanzees, listening to Dire Straits and Queen (which I can’t explain) and soaking in the sun on a hot day. That part of me can’t stand doing laundry, has never enjoyed January through March, and absolutely despises wearing shoes. Let’s call that part of me “Barefoot M-E”. This is her blog.

    No matter how many hats I wear or roles I play, one constant is photography. Nothing gives me more pleasure than taking pictures of the other things in life that give me pleasure. Truly, for me, no task is completed, no event is enjoyed, no destination is visited, no laughter is shared without an accompanying urge to snap it and save it. This blog is where I hope to share the fruits of my photography passion. It will do a few other things, too. If you are a friend or family member, the blog will be a window for you to peek into our home and check in on our family. If you are considering booking me for a portrait session, it will show you my shooting style and ability. Please click on the “Contact” tab for information about booking a session.

    Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy!

Saying Goodbye to Nana and Granddaddy

I almost can’t believe it has been two months since my last post.  But then I think back on the last two months and I can believe it.  It’s been awfully busy but in a good way.  We had a great Thanksgiving and a blessed Christmas and we ate a lot of good food along the way.  All of those pictures will follow as I get to them.  But I wanted to go ahead and share these pictures.  Andy’s grandparents on his mother’s side Don and Connie Tucker passed away last summer and, this week, their children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren and all the in-laws that go along with them gathered to say goodbye.  It was a long trip that allowed us to relax with each other and enjoy Ft Myers and Sanibel and Captiva Islands, places that we have shared with Nana and Granddaddy over the years, one more time.  On Saturday we gathered at their church on Sanibel for a memorial service but beforehand the family spread their ashes in the church’s memorial garden.  A quiet, sad and also beautiful few moments for us to share.

World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party – East Cobb location: The Food Report

I’ll skip over talking about how glorious it was to beat the Florida Gators yet again, and what a good time we had with our tailgating friends, and get right on to the most important part.  Food.  Last year we had a lot of delicious fried stuff.  This year we wanted to top it and I think you will agree that we did.  On the menu, cheese-stuffed bacon-wrapped tater tots, fried pickles, pumpkin fudge, fried gator tail, gator sausage, pumpkin donut holes, and …wait for it…fried twinkies.   Feast your eyes.