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    No matter how many hats I wear or roles I play, one constant is photography. Nothing gives me more pleasure than taking pictures of the other things in life that give me pleasure. Truly, for me, no task is completed, no event is enjoyed, no destination is visited, no laughter is shared without an accompanying urge to snap it and save it. This blog is where I hope to share the fruits of my photography passion. It will do a few other things, too. If you are a friend or family member, the blog will be a window for you to peek into our home and check in on our family. If you are considering booking me for a portrait session, it will show you my shooting style and ability. Please click on the “Contact” tab for information about booking a session.

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Newport Coast, Part 1: Sunset over Catalina Island

I’ve been sorting through my pics from our recent trip to California and found myself fretting (yes, fretting) over which sunset picture to include in my post.  Then I decided to just make a bunch of posts related to the trip so that I can include all of the shots I want.  Stay tuned for more but, for now, here are all of my sunset shots.

What’s great about sunset photography is that you never know when the best shot will happen.  You’ll get a good one that you are happy with but then a few minutes later you get a great one that you are thrilled with.  And this just keeps happening until finally you get one that’s just OK.  That’s when you realize that the one you took right before the last one was really the best one.  These were taken from the bar at our resort – through a window no less.  So we got to have a cocktail and some snacks (hence the first picture) while we watched.  The beautiful island you see all surrounded by mist on the horizon is Catalina Island.  The island, the palm tree and the perfect scattering of wispy clouds all make for great sunset shots.  So, without further ado…

Feast your eyes

You’ll have to feast your eyes, because I can assure you that none of this wicked goodness is left.

A few years ago, I got Andy a barbeque cookbook that brought his barbeque-ing and grilling to a new level.  He used that book so much that it is now in about 10 pieces.  I made sure that he got a new copy this Christmas.  But I am not sure that will matter much because there is a new cookbook in the house.  Andy’s mom got him a little beauty called Charred and Scruffed.   It really is a beautiful book – great pictures – but where I see pretty pages, Andy sees new possibilities in grilling.   Stuff like cooking steaks directly in the charcoal and other good stuff that I can’t recall right now because I can think about is ribs.

(You should know that I don’t particularly love ribs.  Andy makes great ribs and his are pretty much the only ones I want to eat.  Still, I’d much prefer pulled pork, or steak, or grilled seafood, or lamb – you get the picture.)

For last Sunday’s football championship games (boo Falcons!  boo Tom Brady!  Now why will I care about the Super Bowl?!), Andy decided to go for the rib recipe in his new book.  The recipe is a bit unorthodox.  You basically take three racks of ribs and apply a rub.  Then you stack them, placing a strip of bacon between each rack.  Then you put the stack on a sheet of interlaced bacon. You then wrap the bacon around the stack of ribs.  You wrap that up in foil and smoke it for an hour, then you unwrap it and smoke it for two more.  At this point, you remove the bacon (saving it to chop and add to the homemade sauce) and you grill the racks over a charcoal grill to crisp up the outsides.  Oh, and somewhere along the way you apply two different bastes, one fat-based and one acid-based.  Upon, bringing the ribs into the house, you beat away the women and children who are clamoring for bites.  Then you ladle your sauce onto the cutting board so that the ribs get sauced while you cut them.  Once cut, you sprinkle the ribs with your homemade Worcestershire salt.

The pictures will describe it better but even they wont be able to do these ribs justice.  I have a feeling I will be requesting ribs a lot more from now on.  Except if Andy wants to try something else from his new book.