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    Hi! I am Mary-Evelyn Starnes and you have found my photography blog. I keep busy trying to do a good job as mother, wife, homemaker, cpa and portrait photographer. Hobbies like gardening, cooking, reading and following football fill in the little time that’s left. Still, there’s a part of me that’s just me and that part doesn’t want to be squeezed out by my over-filled schedule. That part loves Wonder Woman, cheese, commercials with chimpanzees, listening to Dire Straits and Queen (which I can’t explain) and soaking in the sun on a hot day. That part of me can’t stand doing laundry, has never enjoyed January through March, and absolutely despises wearing shoes. Let’s call that part of me “Barefoot M-E”. This is her blog.

    No matter how many hats I wear or roles I play, one constant is photography. Nothing gives me more pleasure than taking pictures of the other things in life that give me pleasure. Truly, for me, no task is completed, no event is enjoyed, no destination is visited, no laughter is shared without an accompanying urge to snap it and save it. This blog is where I hope to share the fruits of my photography passion. It will do a few other things, too. If you are a friend or family member, the blog will be a window for you to peek into our home and check in on our family. If you are considering booking me for a portrait session, it will show you my shooting style and ability. Please click on the “Contact” tab for information about booking a session.

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A year in pictures

These final days of the school year, I have been bustling about trying to cross things off my to-do list before the kids are freed and all hell breaks loose.  In the process, I’ve gone through the pictures I have taken over the last ten months, deleting the bad ones and labeling the rest (how very anal of me, I know).  I came across a few gems in the process and wanted to share them here.

Tree climbing

My cousin’s dramatic wedding exit

One of us was making the most out of being in NOLA. The other was pouting over missing the GA/LSU game.


UGA game with little Gaillards, Starnes, Murphs and Bongiovis.

My father’s hands

Alas, the first but probably not the last time Woody will sit in the back of a police car.

The cute Halloween costumes are no more.

Bacon blue cheese tater tots, bitch.

This little Christmas Eve angel lost her tooth moments before the pageant.


What Woody wore to school when he was supposed to dress as what he wanted to be when he grew up: a sign that said “I want to be with my mommy and daddy.”

That’s only about half of the cookies.

Ready for the girl scout cookie booth sale

Woody and his best bud.

Does this even need a caption?

My favorite cover band as seen from the VIP area. Woot.

This is what it looks like when you achieve pulled pork perfection.

Looking old but happy – watching the Masters outside.

Ready for the spring tax party.

Silly Pics

When I am trying to get a group shot, I always tell the kids that we will do two smiling pictures and then a silly picture.  As I was going through the Garden Tour pics I realized that our family has taken quite a few silly pictures this year.  In fact, there is a silly picture for every significant event so far this year.  Consider this my family update:

Easter Morning:

20140420-IMG_2274Celebrating Woody’s birthday:

20140420-IMG_2307Garden Tour:

20140503-IMG_2777In front of our old house that we finally sold after moving 6 years ago:

20140323-IMG_1667And here’s what the smiling picture looks like when the kid who just got picked up from a weekend away at camp jumps the gun: