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Roxy – Still a pup…just a much bigger pup

So, it’s been a big three months with our new addition here. Let’s just say I am now fully sure that not having another kid was a good idea and I can rest peacefully with that decision. The compromise (the pup) has been more like a newborn than I could have imagined. Yet there are some big differences. Unlike a newborn human, Roxy eats an insane amount of food every day. And her poops – nothing could have prepared me for the size of her poops. When we brought her home, she was 17 lbs. On Monday she weighed in right at 50. So basically she has tripled in size in three months. And she still looks like a baby Clydesdale when she trots around, which is to say that she looks like a horse with enormous feet. So a lot of growing still to be done. And bigger poops? That’s hard to imagine… Here are the latest pics of Lady Roxy of the Big Feet:

Her toes are bigger than Andy’s

For some perspective… this is Roxy in August

Meet Roxy


Our family (and family life) got a little hairier two weeks ago. All four of us travelled to Hilham, Tenn, to pick up the red female Doberman we have been waiting for for a year and a half. (Ask me sometime about the harrowing experience we had when my gps took us up a basically impassable dirt road unnecessarily.  Andy’s words: “I’m glad we brought the truck but we should probably have brought the shotgun, too.”)

Here we are meeting her:


Sometimes I wonder if certain friends or acquaintances are done having kids. They’ve got two or three and the youngest is now school age and it seems like if they were going to have more they better get on it. I feel like I can’t ask because it’s truly none of my business. That’s why I am thankful when I get a Christmas card or see a Facebook post with pictures of the family’s new puppy.  Question answered, thank you very much.

And here I find myself announcing that we too have moved from the “young kids” stage to the “family dog” stage. As most of you know Woody, I doubt that enough of you wondered whether I had a third in me to place bets, but in case you did, you may now settle up.

Her name is Roxy. She was the smallest of her litter but you would not know that from her current size and hugely disproportionate feet. She was 17 lbs at her 9 week vet appointment; I’m guessing she’s at least 24 lbs at eleven. She likes annihilating chew toys, peeing on hard surfaces, romping (a perfect puppy word) in the day lily foliage and chewing pinecones, mulch, fresh and dried magnolia leaves, and sticks. The breeder refers to Dobermans as “Velcro dogs” and I am starting to see why.  She and I spend a lot of time together, and I cannot leave the room for a moment without turning around to find her sitting at my feet. We’ve been training and I am pretty pleased. She will sit and lie down and stay (occasionally) and come (if she wants to). She’s clearly smart so I know we will get there.

I will say that having a young puppy is very reminiscent of having a newborn baby. The feedings, the schedule, the attention to poop, the early morning wake up calls, the worry that you are doing something wrong, the exhaustion that comes from trying to do it “right” and do it consistently. My mom always says that all things young are created so cute as to lure you in and hook you. If babies and puppies weren’t cute, we would give up. Roxy is showing hints that she will one day be a well-trained, loyal, companionable member of the family. As a puppy, she is adorable, friendly, attentive, and energetic, and also utterly exhausting.  But you aren’t looking at this post because you care about the challenges; you want to see the cute pictures. So here you go:

This is the day we brought Roxy home:


This is two days ago – someone is growing fast:


This is a picture of a nose.  (I had the aperture just a little too open)

This is a picture of a nose. (I had the aperture just a little too open)