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Baby Pace

Thanks to my sister and sister-in-law (and their husbands, I suppose), Andy and I now have five nephews.  The newest, Pace, looks basically exactly the same as his two older brothers.  We could have just relabeled their newborn pictures and called it a day, but we decided to take some shots of him anyway.  I’m glad […]

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Rhett and Paisley Revisted

You may recall that I had the good fortune to shoot newborn twins a while ago.  And I got a second chance a few weeks ago. The twins aren’t newborns any more but are full-blown 8 month olds, which basically means that they are even less “photograph-able” than before.  Rhett spent much of the time army crawling to the […]

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My kids

It occurred to me at the end of the summer that it’s been a while since I took any “portrait-y” pics of my own kids.  I’d like to say that it was as pleasant an experience as the pictures imply.  It wasn’t, though – there was a lot of whining, slouching and frowning.  This is […]

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