Monthly Archives: January 2012

Lost and Found

While finally sorting through my summer vacation pictures, I came across a few pool pics that think may have escaped being published until now.  Good thing that Andy trains regularly for the Accounting Olympics because the kiddos sure love it when he launches them high in the air.  

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Beach Pics – check

For the last six months or so, my weekly to-do list has included “Edit Beach pics” and every week it never gets done.  There is always something more pressing, more important than editing my family beach pictures.  I like to make little photo videos for each big trip.  I usually have a song in mind […]

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Saturday at our house

After being back in town a week, things finally started to go back to “normal.”  This January weekend finds the girls busy and the boys, well, a little more relaxed and restful.  Ella Kathryn began selling girl scout cookies with an enthusiasm that surprised me.   The first day she stayed out over an hour despite […]

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