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    Hi! I am Mary-Evelyn Starnes and you have found my photography blog. I keep busy trying to do a good job as mother, wife, homemaker, cpa and portrait photographer. Hobbies like gardening, cooking, reading and following football fill in the little time that’s left. Still, there’s a part of me that’s just me and that part doesn’t want to be squeezed out by my over-filled schedule. That part loves Wonder Woman, cheese, commercials with chimpanzees, listening to Dire Straits and Queen (which I can’t explain) and soaking in the sun on a hot day. That part of me can’t stand doing laundry, has never enjoyed January through March, and absolutely despises wearing shoes. Let’s call that part of me “Barefoot M-E”. This is her blog.

    No matter how many hats I wear or roles I play, one constant is photography. Nothing gives me more pleasure than taking pictures of the other things in life that give me pleasure. Truly, for me, no task is completed, no event is enjoyed, no destination is visited, no laughter is shared without an accompanying urge to snap it and save it. This blog is where I hope to share the fruits of my photography passion. It will do a few other things, too. If you are a friend or family member, the blog will be a window for you to peek into our home and check in on our family. If you are considering booking me for a portrait session, it will show you my shooting style and ability. Please click on the “Contact” tab for information about booking a session.

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Red Christmas 2014

It wouldn’t be January without a post about all the over-indulging that happened in December. Once again this year we hosted our dinner party called Red Christmas, and once again we had to dig deep to top the previous year. This year the highlight was a charcuterie board featuring cured meats and salamis, cheeses, and pate. In the words of Han Solo, “sometimes I amaze even myself.”


Newport Coast 2.0

“Well, this definitely does not suck.” That phrase became our constant refrain during our five wonderful, warm days and nights at Pelican Hill Resort in Newport Beach, Ca.  There was not a meal, not an excursion, not an interaction that I could find fault with – and that’s saying something.  The area was beautiful, the resort was first-class and weather was unseasonably warm.  Every single meal was spectacular (no great pictures, though – I had to sneak shots with my phone) and the “cheap” wine would be top shelf most places.  Which all made waking up at 4 am to fly back to 12 degree Atlanta very unpleasant.  At least we have our memories and of course lots of pictures.


The World’s Second Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party – a study in bacon

A perfect tailgating and game-watching party typically has three components: good weather, good game and good food. This past Saturday we had one of three. But, a good friend who owns a luxury fishing resort has taught me the importance of making sure you do a good job on the things you can control to offset the things you can’t.  In his case that means making sure there is good liquor and nice cigars waiting for visitors who may not have caught any fish.  In our case that means making sure there is plenty of bacon-wrapped food for guests to enjoy while freezing their tails off and watching the Dawgs totally roll over for the Gators.

Pumpkin Donut Drops

Sticky bacon meatball bites with pretzel stick skewers

Cheesy Bacon Bombs – quite possibly the best recipe ever. You take a cube of mozzerala, wrap it in a bit of refrigerated biscuit, and wrap that in bacon. Then you fry it.

Yes, I made Andy pose for this picture.

Bacon-wrapped onion rings

Fried Tequila Shooters